Archive of thoughts

“Archive of thoughts” belongs to the “Inside / Outside” area of my artistic considerations. The installation consists of ready-made objects – objects found in the apartment I have lived in for a long time in Warsaw: an old, wooden chest of drawers and a birdcage standing on it. These items stand on the balcony and are exposed to external factors (weather) – they deteriorate under its influence. The balcony is a social place in our home where many visitors, friends and acquaintances often gather. They go out to smoke a cigarette, talk. By this fact itself, balcony furniture witnesses many discussions on various topics, often a critical exchange of opinions. The balcony is also a social place for non-humans. We welcome any insects, birds and animals that wish to visit or live with us, such as sparrows, which have forged a nest in the wall and raised their offspring there for several years in a row. While making the nest, they brought up grass and other soft objects, which often fell out of it and through the bars fell into the cage standing below on the chest of drawers. A cage without birds, open. Filled only with bird waste and the exchanges of the balcony guests.


Pulling out subsequent drawers in the chest of drawers we find a lot of random, long forgotten and unnecessary objects. Old phone chargers, nails, wires, cords, etc. In a word, a collection of junk lying around like random thoughts and memories of unwanted experiences entangled somewhere in the depths of our mind. It is better not to open those drawers. For many years of living in our home, I pass by these items indifferently, not paying attention to them. Only during lockdown, verifying my own observations about the present and future in the face of numerous crises, I began to arrange my thoughts like objects in imaginary drawers – layers. Anxiety and the need to put in order the chaos around me brought associations with useless pieces of furniture that were once used to store and organize various things. Now they serve as a dusty archive of waste. The background on which the spectacle of the present takes place, the everyday life. We make an effort to function normally in a changed, increasingly difficult reality. This is our struggle with adversities, our attempt to work regularly, professionally and artistically, in spite of crises which are spreading in ever-widening circles: from personal, through local, environmental, to general social, geopolitical and global threats, brought on by climate catastrophe and technological revolution. This awareness practically causes us to open drawers of thoughts we would rather not reach for. Regardless of the circumstances, at this strange time I decided to collect and organize my sketches for artworks. Sketches are a quick, almost instinctive record of ideas, made in the moment they come to us. They emerge from the chaos of destructive thoughts in the archive of our mind as a living manifestation of creative action, undertaken in spite of everything, even in the face of difficulty. A registration is created – an archive of our own thoughts.


The cage, which stands on a deteriorating chest of drawers and forms a visual whole with it, has also changed its meaning in my reflections. I see it as a prison for my own expression and the possibility of expression in relation to myself, but most of all in relation to reality. A moment of life and creative blockade, as if holding back, trapping my breath in anticipation of what is going to happen. frozen fright.


During the exhibition I encourage the viewer to open the drawers in the chest of drawers, to look through the contents, the sketches and sketchbook arranged in it.

Archive of thoughts

Archive of thoughts

2021 | wooden chest of drawers, various objects, sketches on paper, wooden birdcage, garbage, crumbs, dirt | 115x60x50 cm

Browsing the content of drawers.

Installation in original location.