Opdagelser 2018

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Kettinge | Rågelundevej 9, 4892 Kettinge (DK)
20/10/2018 - 30/01/2019


Anne Louise Blicher (DK) Ornella Orlandini (IT) Ian Liddle (UK) Marcus Gestré (SE) Katarzyna Kowalska (PL) Ivan Arkhipov (RU) Oscar Angel Rey Soto (ES) Lisa Rytterlund (SE) Philipp Haucke (DE) Johan Reisang (NO) Attila Schwanz (IT) Katharina Schellenberger (DE) Simone Hooymans (NL) Martin Gerstenberger (DE) Hannes & Johannes (SE)
Galleri Heike Arndt DK is pleased to present the annual Opdagelser (‘Discoveries’) exhibition, exploring new artistic directions and expressions by the selected artists. Opdagelser offers an opportunity to reflect on present times and the human being itself.

Oscar Rey (ES) and Lisa Rytterlund (SE) work with powerful expressions, their art stands side by side with street art and political statements. Discover the social criticism in the works of Johan Reisang (NO) and explore the interesting versions of modern life by Hannes and Johannes (SE), Simone Hooymans (NL), Ornella Orlandini (IT). Attila Schwanz (IT) and Marcus Gestré (SE) present refined technical skills with influence from street art. Anne Louise Blicher (DK), Philipp Haucke (DE) and Martin Gerstenberger (DE) comment on the values of the modern society. The colorful drawings of Ian Liddle (UK), Katharina Schellenberger (DE) and the video work by Ivan Arkhipov (RU) examine human relations, including loneliness and fragility, and invite to contemplation. Furthermore, Katarzyna Kowalska (PL) presents her sensible abstract landscapes. In the artworks, the spectator is confronted with urban vibrations, poetic coloring and playful humour. It will be a journey full of surprises and discoveries – a unique opportunity to become inspired, excited and involved!

The exhibiting artists guide the audience through an artistic landscape of sculpture, painting, drawing and digital / time-based media. Every artist has a special connection to the Nordic countries and the Berlin art scene, where they have either lived or worked. You will be able to meet some of the artists at the opening!

Photo and graphic: social media of the gallery and private archives of the artist

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