Wasteland Biennale

Corner of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska streets (from the side of PKIN), Warsaw (PL)
10/12/2022 - 17/12/2022
In 2022, we succeeded in realizing the first edition of the Biennial of the wasteland! For several winter weeks, 4 teams, under the guidance of tutors and female tutors, tried to answer the question: how do urban wastelands (abandoned, derelict, unused areas, vacant lots, but also open areas without a specific function) affect our contemporary identity?
The idea

The topic of urban wastelands has been running through various Warsaw activities for several years, showing the potential and the extraordinary need to discover and revitalize these places. Many publications and projects have been written around this topic. Gilles Clement described them as “Third Places,” pointing out the profound importance of wasteland as a source of biodiversity, and consequently the importance for us — residents.


Within the framework of the Wasteland Biennale, we want to look for wastelands that we pass every day, that we see from the windows of our apartments, work, that bother us, but also make us curious. We want to consider what role wastelands play in the urban structure, are they a bad thing, or on the contrary? What we can or should do with them and how art can help us discover another side of the city.


An important aspect of this activity, is the involvement of local communities. Artistic and cultural projects that are carried out in neighborhood spaces repeatedly show that they can be a tool that helps residents stimulate a sense of shared responsibility for the space and encourage the sharing of its resources. Perhaps this is the key to revitalizing the wasteland?


More about the whole project Wasteland Biennale  on the website of the Cultural Foundation ‘Grupa w działaniu’ and on FB.

Text by Barbara Jędrzejczyk about the history of the wasteland we chose in the center of Warsaw and the Miniature Park located here.


Team members

Kamila Szejnoch – tutor, 

Maciej Bykowski, Nawojka Gurczyńska, Barbara Jędrzejczyk, Katarzyna Kowalska, Michelle Mbazuigwe, Barbara Pazio, Gabriela Piwar.

Coordinating and leading the process

Fundacja Grupa w działaniu

Martyna Cziszewska-Klejnowska

Małgosia Załuska


November 2022 – December 2022



Media partner of the project

Architektura & Biznes

Project partner

ZODIAK Warszawski Pawilon Architektury

Project financed by the city of Warsaw.