OP_FAME / Future Art Market Education. Workshops | study visits | conference

OP_ENHEIM | Plac Solny 4 | Wroclaw (PL)
16/03/2019 - 27/10/2019

OP_FAME is a series of conferences, workshops and study visits addressed to visual artists and curators who would like to find out what a professional job in the arts and culture sector entails and further expand their knowledge on the art market, artist-in-residence and artist-gallery collaboration.

OP_FAME, OP_Future Art Market Education, is a series of workshops, conferences, study visits and discussions prepared by OP ENHEIM and involving numerous specialists in the field of visual arts. This project is educational in nature and was created to give artists greater access to knowledge in the field of international mobility, professional activity of the art environment, learning about models of working with galleries, organization, planning and the profession of the artist.

OP_FAME is a project based on the exchange of knowledge and experience in order to improve the professional competences of people involved in the contemporary art world  and art market. – says Kama Wróbel, OP ENHEIM’s Programme Director – The formula is based on workshops where knowledge is constantly updated and experience is constantly confronted with changes on the art market, which gives the opportunity for modern education. The programme of specialised workshops is addressed to artists and curators. Networking a group of artists and future curators and gallerists in a joint project increases the effectiveness of the project’s results and will be important for the development of the local and supra-local art market. Especially that in OP ENHEIM, the participants will have a chance to meet and talk personally with experienced experts such as: Asia Żak Persons from Berlin’s Żak-Branicka gallery, Marta Kołakowska from Warsaw’s Leto Gallery, Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka from WRO Art Centre, critic and curator Stach Szabłowski or Andrea Hilger, Mátyás Dunajcsik from Dresden biennale – OSTRALE.

The workshops prepared will not only provide an opportunity for direct, open contact with experts and practitioners in a given field, but will also broaden the participants’ competences, their practical skills, and will provide an opportunity to dispel myths and stereotypes. The programme of events is year-round, but has been divided into two main blocks – the first of which includes events on 16, 17 and 30 March 2019, and the second will take place from 25-27 October 2019. In the meantime, study visits also took place between April and September, with selected workshop and conference participants visiting Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw and Wrocław. The autumn edition of the OP_FAME project is the moment to sum up all the joint artistic journeys with the project participants during the conference entitled WE / YOU / THEM. This time the participants will turn into speakers.

Text and photos: OP_ENHEIM, also the organiser’s social media.

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The project is implemented with the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation.

Patron of OP ENHEIM: Womak Holding SA,
Partner: Art Hotel Wrocław