International Art Symposium Art Circle

Medana | Nova Gorica | Slovenia (SI)
14/05/2017 - 20/05/2017

ART CIRCLE is an international art symposium, which will be held in different locations around the sunny Brda region in Slovenia from May 14th till May 20th 2017.

Brda, the land of invigorating moments has magic powers which reflects on land, people and consequently on art. Excellent wine and culinary in combination with fairy tale landscape and warm people make this land a very inspirational environment.
Art Circle is an improtant project where different art symposiums will be held at the same time at the following locations :
– Art Embassy Republic of Poland
– Art Embassy Republic of Slovakia
– Art Embassy federal Republic of Germany
– Art Embassy of Russian federation
– Japan Art Embassy
– Art Embassy France Republic
– Art Embassy Spain
– Art Embassy of Kazakhstan
– Art Embassy of Hungary

Art Cirlce is expected to host around 50-60 artists.
Exhibition of all works will happen on May 19th at the newely renovated renaissance villa Vila Vipolže. Exhibition will be held in villa and open for public through the whole summer.

Photo: private archives of the artist and the organizer’s website