Lublin Breweries | Bernardyńska 15 | Lublin (PL)
06/06/2015 - 07/06/2015

Night of Culture in Brewery: Bestiality – exhibition of contemporary art.

The exhibition presents works of twenty young generation creators. Each artist speaks through one work of art, and all of them connect the theme of the exhibition. The aim of the presentation is to clash various artistic and personal attitudes within a single thematic area.

For the purpose of the exhibition, each artist creates or selects from his collections one work that directly or indirectly refers to the concept of bestiality. Interpretations can be multiplied; treat the subject literally, metaphorically, figuratively, satirically, or in a way that is appropriate only for the reasoning of the individual.

Referring to the title of the exhibition, I appealed to brutalism – a trend in architecture of late modernism, which was created in the late 1940s. I put the semantics of brutalism and bestiality on the subject, and under the first I hid my fascination with architecture. In addition, this painting I chose is very raw and frugal, and at the exhibition was packed in stretch, resulting that all of nuances of painting remainins invisible. Only the strongest, contrasting parts of compositions were visible. This “bestial” way I treated my work, which somehow suffocated under the foil.

Artists taking part in the exhibition:
Marcin Błach / Bartek Cebula / Seweryn Chwała / Jolanta Gmur / Ticathrow Headogun / Tomasz Jakubowski / Katarzyna Jarosz / Agatka Kędra / Katarzyna Kowalska / Paulina Litwin / Wojtek Łysiak / Lech Mazurek / Michał Mroczka / Ewelina Prażmo / Marcin Proczek / Jan Tuszewski / Konrad Wróblewski / Miłosz Zawistowski / Franciszek Znamierowski / Jędrzej Żwiruk

Curator: Marta Ryczkowska

Photo: private archives of the artist