27 paintings for Lublin | Night of Culture 2017

Lublin city (PL)
03/06/2017 - 04/06/2017

Night of Culture, one of the biggest Lublin festivals, is a few hundred events taking place in the city space, for just a few hours. It’s like a fern flower – it blooms only one night and disappears. Only memories and beautiful photographs remain. It is impossible to see everything what is happening in this unique time, because the program of the Night of Culture has been filled with so many events related to culture in urban space.

Night of Culture is also a festival that encourages the experiencing of art and makes it easy to meet with her. To the entrance encourage late open cultural institutions with a special program. In the streets and squares film screenings, concerts and vernissages are held. You can not go without any impression beyond the unusual artistic installations that make Lublin even more beautiful than ever. It is also an event that animates unknown, forgotten, or badly celebrated places. It can be said that it will charm them and it is that they get tame this night!

Event on Facebook: 27 Obrazów dla Lublina | Inside-Outside / Noc Kultury w Lublinie

Photo: private archives of the artist

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