Topography of color

Open Studio Association in Lublin

invites you to the opening of the TOPOGRAPHY of COLOR exhibition
24.10.2014 (Friday), 7 p.m.


TOPOGRAPHY OF COLOR is the second exhibition of the “4×4” series carried out in autumn by the Open Studio Association in 2014. It is an attempt of capture painting topography, physically existing places and phantasmagoric places. The exhibition presents different ideas: maps of the wars in the future, attempts to capture the transformation of architecture, abstract shots of places. It is attended by artists from the Association “Open Workshop”: Michał Mroczka i Katarzyna Kowalska oraz Joanna Szostak i Dawid Kędzierski.


Vernissage: 24/10/2014, 7 p.m., free admission.
Piękno Panie Gallery, Jezuicka 17, Lublin
Visiting with the curator: tel. 601 947 590
The exhibition runs from 25/10/2014 to 7/11/2014
Artists: Dawid Kędzierski, Katarzyna Kowalska, Michał Mroczka, Joanna Szostak
Curator: Marta Ryczkowska


The project was financed with financial support
City Hall of Lublin.