Organizers: Czapski Art Foundation, New Gasworks
Artist: Agnieszka Pakuła, Agata Czeremuszkin – Chrut, Katarzyna Kowalska, Michał Kossut


In 2014 the idea was born to create together with Czapski Art Foundation a mural in Poznan (Poland). In 2015 the idea crystallized to paint the mural in cooperation and on the wall of the New Gasworks (newly opened cultural center). Assuming that the mural had to refer to the history of Poznan district, where the New Gasworks building is – Chwaliszewo – once known as the Poznan Venice. Based on these assumptions we have prepared a project, and the Foundation applied for a grant to the city authorities.


Realization had place in July 2015. The project was publicized in the local media and was widely promoted by the Foundation and the New Gasworks. For the purposes of the mural were prepared three versions of project inspired by old pictures of the Chwaliszewo district. After the initial selection made by plastic of the city and urban space and also Czapski Foundation selected two, which were published on Facebook and the New Gasworks website. Of these two projects internet users and residents of Poznan have chosen one of the final implementation. In five days the project has been made. Its surface is approximately 100 meters sqare. Finished mural was fully embraced by residents. After the first days of uncertainty pedestrians watching our work willingly stopped, they expressed their approval, and told us about the history of the district. After finishing the work there was a ceremonial opening.