The Perspective Landscapes series is an interpretation of alternative spaces, which focuses on the subjects related to the category of place from various perspectives. The landscapes are built from intermingling surfaces, which start in different vanishing points and cross creating new layers.


Perspective diagrams and spatial studies of solids defined by colour – an essential painting value – become the subject of the research on canvas. The colour is either saturated, situated in the forefront and responsible for creation of the space or hidden behind cold, architecturally diagrammatic perspective acting as a grid for respective surfaces.


The surfaces start in different points and thus create bends which do not originate from a logical arrangement of the whole and the composition, as if trying to create an illusion of phantasmagorical places. The paintings – architectural sketches undergoing transitions, were also enhanced with a texture. However it is subject to colour patch’s dictate which arranges the space in its own way and sets its own rules for the space category from the imaginative point of view.