Brutalism series of paintings presents raw architecture in tangible concreteness, squabby solid, taken out of the context and a bit unreal. The concept of place, I am referring to is an extreme: on one hand settled in reality, often observed in specific locations, on the other abstract, intangible, phantasmagorical and imaginary.


City is currently our most natural environment, closest living space which undergoes dynamic changes. New buildings appear, constructions build up and reshape. Elements of urban landscape move like blocks.


The solid, silhouette, shape, fabric and construction are interesting in the form of visual signs – citations, based on which the composition is created. In the end, it’s reminiscent of a dreamlike space. We know that during sleep, experiences are put away, but the remembered images change completely in contact with subconsciousness. The world and space created in the painting correspond with a specific architectural object, but thanks to applied transitions, new, non-existent and often impossible buildings appear.