Experiencing Space

BWA Sanocka Gallery

Rynek 14 | Sanok

Wernissage: Friday, 08/09/2017 6 p.m.

Exhibition: 09/09/2017 – 13/10/2017



SPACE – mysterious emptiness, which starts to vibrate after you experience it profoundly. It’s the effect of our presence and concentration that fill it with energy. Specific moods appear – emotions able to change our perspective and the reception of reality. With right sensitivity we can become possessed by melancholy and distinct sensation of floating which may not be pleasant for everybody, but which allows us to switch to sensual reception of everything that’s real and imaginary. That’s why the study of space for me is the indicator for what is IN BETWEEN.


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INSIDE / OUTSIDE | 27 paintings for Lublin

Night of Culture 2017

3/4 June 2017 | Lublin


Night of Culture, one of the biggest Lublin festivals, is a few hundred events taking place in the city space, for just a few hours. It’s like a fern flower – it blooms only one night and disappears. Only memories and beautiful photographs remain. It is impossible to see everything what is happening in this unique time, because the program of the Night of Culture has been filled with so many events related to culture in urban space.


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International Art Symposium “Art Circle”

ART CIRCLE International Art Symposium

14/05/2017 – 20/05/2017

Medana | Nova Gorica | Slovenia


ART CIRCLE is an international  art symposium, which will be held in different locations around the sunny Brda region in Slovenia from May 14th till May 20th 2017.


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“Not Random Art” interview

Not Random Art. – The contemporary art review was created to present contemporary emerging artist; restless dreamers, who – both individually and collectively, explore themes inextricably linked to modern society most significant issues. Journeys, displacement, loss, memory and identity, evoking powerful and sometimes unexpected juxtapositions and responses – these will be our central points of interest.


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Mural Poznan Venice

New Gas Building will remind you of the old Poznan Venice.

July 17, 2015 at 5 p.m. Welcome to the open of the new mural on the New Gas Building.


ul. Ewangelicka 1 | Poznań


Mural presents Chwaliszewo story. The Chwaliszewski Bridge, which stood here until 1968, was presented. The ceremonial unveiling of the mural on the New Gas Building was held within the revitalization of Chwaliszewo and the Old Warta River. Mural was selected in the vote organized by the Czapski Art Foundation. It was based on postcards from the book by Jan Kaczmarek: “Chwaliszewo. Poznan Venice”. It was painted by a group of young artists: Agnieszka Pakuła, Agata Czeremuszkin – Chrut, Katarzyna Kowalska i Michał Kossut.


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Night in Brewery: Bestiality – exhibition of contemporary art

Pearl Cinema – Lublin Breweries
Lublin | Bernardyńska 15

Night of Culture 6/06/2015 – 7/06/2015

Vernissage: 6/06/2015, 7 p.m.


The exhibition presents works of twenty young generation creators. Each artist speaks through one work of art, and all of them connect the theme of the exhibition. The aim of the presentation is to clash various artistic and personal attitudes within a single thematic area.


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Senses of Art

Katarzyna Kowalska – painting | Bartosz Kowalski – music

meeting: 26/02/2015, 7 p.m.

Museum of the King John III Palace in Wilanow, Kitchen Restaurant | St. Kostki Potockiego 10/16 | Warsaw

Exhibition duration: 26/o2/2015 – 10/04/2015 | open 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


February 26, 2015, at the first meeting of the series “Senses of Art”, in the Museum of the King John III Palace in Wilanów we will host Katarzyna Kowalska – painter and Bartosz Kowalski – composer, arranger and instrumentalist.


During this meeting we will discuss, among other things about the search for our own means of expression in both: painting and musical compositions, about abstract geometry of space, experimenting with color and composition, originality and tradition.


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Surfaces as a record of space. Between the perspectives.

Katarzyna Kowalska | Surfaces as a record of space. Between the perspectives.

022 Gallery | Dom Artysty Plastyka | Mazowiecka 11A | Warsaw

Wernissage: 05/02/2015, 7 p.m.

Exhibition duration: 05-19/02/2015


The art of Katarzyna Kowalska is stretched between two extremes: discipline of geometric forms and expression of the action painting. Two worlds and two approaches to reality: hyper-rational approach which reduces the multitude of forms to what’s the most simple and primal, minimalist and being the effect of cool calculation and on the other hand full of emotions, based on a premonition, intuition and free gestures. Katarzyna Kowalska easily moves between these seemingly extreme poles of showing the world. Geometry in her paintings is trembling, pulsating and saturated with colour. The gesture on the other hand is disciplined by a perspective grid, spatial projection of a solid in tangible concreteness.


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