Deframestration is an artistic concept that goes beyond the boundaries of the technology, in which the piece of art was made. It’s about freeing the content of the form, the artist gives the piece.


Two pieces underwent deframestration: “Multiperspective landscape 6 black” and “Multiperspective landscape 7 black” from the “Perspective Landscapes” series.It became the grounds for a site-specific installation in BWA Gallery in Sanok, depicting the exit of the painting surfaces from the surface of the canvas and by this, going beyond two dimensions into real 3D space so that the recipient may experience the arrangement of lines. The installation filled the whole room, preventing visitors from entering. They were purposely kept at the entrance, from which they could get the best view of the entirety of the installation.


Similarly to the arrangements going beyond the frames of the painting, the semantic space broadens as well. Numerous vanishing points, connected with the lines, are placed in the perspective diagrams on the axis of symmetry; similarly, the present time connects different possibilities, variants of events or decisions which we subconsciously consider when we approach a specific situation in our lives and quietly contemplate it. Reality and fiction interpenetrate each other on many different occasions creating their own, distinct world where anything is possible – things that are seemingly impossible happen as well as possible yet unlikely situations because are merely a game of spaces.